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Sax Every Weekend’s leading man
Ben Watte performing sax with DJ at
A private events. The lighting is pink,
Orange, and red. People are dancing on 
The dance floor, some people are filming
Ben’s Performance on their phones.
Ben is wearing a black t-shirt, hat, and pants.


answers to your burning questions
Are you willing to travel overseas to perform at my wedding?

Yes. I love it when I’m booked for destination weddings. Recently I’ve been to Ibiza, Mallorca and Toulouse. So whether it be Europe or a destination worldwide get in touch to discuss.

Can you supply the DJ and Bongos?

Yes. I work with some amazing northwest DJs and world class percussionists who specialise in bringing the best party to your dancefloor.

Can you work alongside my DJ?

Yes. If you have booked a DJ separately or one is supplied through the venue I am happy to perform alongside them (as long as they’re happy). Typically if I don’t know the DJ I will bring along my own 30m ‘pre-mixed tracks’ for them to play.

Can you provide the DJ service?

Yes but mainly for destination events. I love DJing. The way it works is I provide 5 hours in between my sax sets for your event however I don’t supply my own PA sound system or lighting so this would need to be provided.

How long can you play sax for?

I’ve found the optimum performance times for events & weddings 2x30mins (or 3x20m). This keeps the audience fully engaged with the performance as well as ensuring high energy from me and excitement throughout the sets. An extra 30m set may be available upon request.

Can I come and see you perform sax live?

Yes, I love playing sax for club gigs and public performances though currently these are taking a back seat due to the amount of private bookings.


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